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7 Bedrooms  |  14 Sleeps  |  Chianti
About Villa

For those looking for total seclusion and leisure in the heart of Tuscany, Villa Donatello, located in the center of the Villa Meridiana estate, is the ideal rural retreat.

Three villas, each with its own grounds, pool, and outdoor area, make up the private estate Villa Meridiana. The villas can be hired jointly or individually. The three villas are well located to give guests total seclusion and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, making them the perfect getaway for anybody interested in exploring this area.

The villas are:
Villa Donatello (7 bedrooms, 2 outdoor pool, 1 indoor pool)
Villa Susanna (4 bedrooms, 1 outdoor pool, 1 indoor pool)
Villa Tulipano (7 bedrooms, 1 outdoor pool)

Situated on a hill under the historic town of Panzano, Villa Meridiana is a 20-acre estate including three of the most fashionable homes in the Tuscan countryside. There are two distinct, short, unpaved roads that lead from the town to the property. Situated in the center of Chianti, the estate is ideal for groups of friends or family seeking total seclusion while taking in the peace and quiet of the countryside. The third villa was recently added, while the other two were constructed as farmhouses in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The villa, which is surrounded by vegetation, has been expertly restored while maintaining the feel of a typical Tuscan home. This house is presently for rent following four years of renovations that were finished in 2018. The renovations involved a specialized architect, a construction business made up of local artisans, and a hunt for unique materials from all around Italy. Furthermore, by using clean energy sources like solar and geothermal energy, the owners have protected the environment throughout the restoration process.

It is important to note that the villas' outside spaces are divided by tall hedgerows, and that the placement of the windows and gates prevents any potential limitations on privacy. Situated in a prime location between Florence and Siena, approximately 850 meters from Panzano hamlet, Villa Donatello offers breathtaking views of the Chianti countryside's vineyards. With seven double bedrooms and an en suite bathroom, Villa Donatello sleeps fourteen people in a tranquil setting.

The outside area has several terraces and ancient stones, and it is surrounded by a gorgeous Mediterranean landscape full with olive trees. The villa has two pools: an above-ground pool measuring 3,5 x 11 m with a depth of 1,10 m and a height of 1,30 m, and a small pool with a Jacuzzi measuring 6 x 6 m and a depth of 0,70 cm. It may be accessed from the main road via a private way. There's an al fresco dining area with an outdoor kitchen on the garden's bottom level, equipped with a BBQ and table.

The villa provides a peaceful ambiance and has the classic façade of a Tuscan farmhouse, complete with walls made of natural stone and a little turret named Colombaia on top that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding Chianti countryside in all directions. Spread across several levels, Villa Donatello features chic furnishings and quaint alcoves. The villa is named after the theme of paintings of ladies that you will encounter in various rooms and common areas. It is an outstanding blend of period beauty and modern comfort.

With seven double bedrooms and an en suite bathroom for each, the villa can accommodate fourteen people. The villa also has a dining area, a large living room, two sitting rooms, and a contemporary kitchen with all the appliances. The villa can be accessed in a few different ways. The main entrance is located on the second floor. The main entrance hall, which leads to the two double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms (one with a shower and one with a bathtub), is accessible from the garden.

The spacious, well-stocked kitchen with seven burner stoves, a double oven, a large refrigerator, a dishwasher, a coffee maker, and an ice maker is accessible from the kitchen's right side. A French door opens onto a patio that houses a dining space and a table large enough to accommodate all of the villa's visitors. The master bedroom and its attached bathroom with shower are located on the same floor, and the bedroom itself has a free-standing Jacuzzi bathtub.

There is a panoramic indoor heated pool with calming lighting, a small bar, and a lounge area on the lower level, accessible by a short flight of stairs. The pool can be heated up to 30°C upon request and at an additional cost. A cozy double bedroom with an attached shower-only bathroom is located on the same level and may be accessed separately from the garden. The steps inside and the garden provide access to the third floor.

The vast living area on the third level is separated into three sections: two are equipped with cozy sofas and a fireplace, while the third has a sofa, a table, and a small electric stove along with a refrigerator for a fast snack. The living area has French windows that provide a view of the surrounding valley and the garden. This floor has a fifth bedroom and a sixth bedroom. Every room has a private bathroom with a shower.

A short set of stairs ascends from the entry hall to the fourth floor, which has a comfortable living area, and the turret, which houses the seventh double bedroom with an attached shower-equipped bathroom. Please be aware that certain double bedrooms can be converted to twin rooms upon request.


  • 7 Double Bedrooms
  • 7 En-Suite Bathrooms
  • 2 Outdoor Pools
  • 1 Indoor Pool (Heated, Extra) with Bar and Sitting Room
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • Mediterranean Garden
  • Outdoor Kitchen with Barbecue
  • Outdoor Dining Area
  • Washing Machine
  • Fireplace
  • Air Conditioning (Throughout)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sat TV and DVD Player
  • Parking Area

    * Please note: the indicated amenities may vary according to final agreement, make sure to check your contract for complete list.

Rentals are intended from Saturday to Saturday.

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In the Area

Nestled amidst the tranquil Tuscan countryside, this amazing estate is well situated to discover Tuscany's most remarkable natural marvels and cultural attractions. This villa offers the ideal setting for day trips to Tuscany's most picturesque towns and a rare chance to take in the region's incredibly rich historical and cultural legacy while admiring its iconic landscapes. It is located in the heart of Chianti, just a short distance from the charming towns of Florence and Siena.

Located precisely midway between Siena and Florence, Panzano in Chianti is the second gem of the region that is highly recommended. It is the perfect place to take in the peace and quiet of the hillside, explore a medieval village where time seems to have stopped, and take striking pictures. Panzano, a quaint village with stores, vineyards, restaurants, and less than a thousand residents, is only ten minutes from Greve and is well-known for its superb organic wines and olive oil.

San Gimignano, one of Italy's best-preserved medieval towns, is only an hour's drive away. San Gimignano appears like a town straight out of a Renaissance painting from a distance. It is made up of towering stone towers surrounded by a ring of walls dating back to the 13th century. Not only is it easily identifiable due to its towers, but the artwork housed within its walls is also impressive. Despite its modest size, the town has plenty of good dining, art, and architecture to keep you occupied for many days.

Siena, an ancient town, is also easily accessible in an hour's drive. Any traveler to Tuscany should not miss it because of its historic red brick buildings, the scallop-shaped Piazza del Campo main square, and the Cathedral Square, which is dominated by the zebra-striped Duomo. There is much to marvel at in Siena, which is essentially an outdoor museum honoring the Gothic style with its impressive art collections and secular monuments that have managed to preserve its medieval shapes.

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The location of Villa Donatello is ideal for visiting some of the most fascinating art cities in the world: Florence can be reached by car within 22 miles; Siena (the city of the Palio) is only 20 miles away.

 *The map shows the approximate location and not the exact address where the property is located.

Main Distances:

Panzano in Chianti about 1 km
Castellina in Chianti 13 kms 
San Gimignano 38 kms 
Greve in Chianti 7 kms 
Radda in Chianti 14,5 kms 
Siena 35 kms 
Florence 39 kms 
Rome 268 kms 

In Panzano in Chianti: Supermarket, Resturants, Bar, Bank, Post office, Pharmacy

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